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Duolingo - best app to start learning Spanish

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Harsh Vardhan
Harsh Vardhan

Duolingo is a great habit builder

Learning a new language is a complex journey. No matter how impressive it may sound to newbies to suddenly hear some exotic Spanish words. But the ability to speak comprehensive statements in a foreign language is challenging.

Duolingo is one fun tool to kick off your language learning. It offers many advantages:

Learning lessons on your own time.

You don't have to create a fixed time slot in your day to learn Spanish. You can start learning in the least expected places. Be it in the toilet or on public transport.

Small modular lessons.

Even though you can learn as much as you want within a day, Duolingo offers small incremental lessons. Hence even 5 minutes a day can allow you to finish one. This low-friction onboarding facilitates not giving up daily learning on a busy day. Also, don't assume that a small module here means sacrificing the learning experience. Despite small modules, it tests speaking, listening, and writing ability.

Gamification with attainable goals

Daily Streak

Duolingo offers challenges like a daily streak that rewards you for doing at least one lesson daily. Such simple yet effective gamification forces daily learning but doesn't feel stressful to keep up. Also, on certain days if you're in more aggressive learning mode, you can take extra challenges from Duolingo, which will help you jump up the rank in the leaderboard.

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Duolingo has infinite patience to teach you

You can make an infinite number of mistakes as you learn Spanish. Duolingo has all the patience in the world for you. In fact, not only it's forgiving also lists all your mistakes so you can review where you went wrong.

Learning Mode

Just start

So if you are serious about learning Spanish, but don't know how to get started, start with Duolingo. Don't try to be proficient anytime soon, and enjoy the process of learning with Duolingo. You'll be pleasantly surprised how fun it makes learning a new language by giving you dopamine shots (gamification) in an ethical way. It's hard to believe the app is completely free to learn yet so deeply valuable.

You can track my Spanish learning as well 😊

Vamos, amigos!